A Finland for all children

A girl smiling in a bright room.

The first national Child Strategy of Finland is ready!

The national Child Strategy applies to all children and young people under the age of 18. The families in which children live, and young adults between childhood and adulthood are also taken into account in the Strategy.

Read the Child strategy (pdf)

The first national Child Strategy creates a Finland for all children

Finland published its first national Child Strategy in February 2021. In 2020, the parliamentary committee responsible for preparing the Strategy formed a common view of the vision for a child- and family-friendly Finland that spans government terms. The goal of the Child Strategy is to create a genuinely child- and family-friendly Finland that respects the rights of the child – a Finland for all children!

The Strategy is based on three key ideas, which are to respect the rights of all children, take due account of children in society and support the wellbeing of children. Read the press release on Child Strategy by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (stm.fi).

You can also watch the video, A Finland for all children below or watch it on YouTube (in Finnish). You can find more videos about the Child Strategy in Finnish and Swedish on the Rights of the child YouTube channel!

You can read more about the Child Strategy on the General page and the Publications page, and more about the implementation of the Child Strategy (webpage coming up).