The Child Strategy was prepared on the basis of extensive groundwork on the rights of the child and the wellbeing of children and their families in Finland. Background materials will also be produced to implement the Strategy.

On this page, you can find the key publications produced as part of the groundwork. You will also find blogs, press releases and all publications in chronological order via the links below.

Implementation plan (autumn 2021)

Child Strategy (winter 2021)

The guidelines for municipalities and county councillors, youth council members and other elected representatives and local government officials (winter 2022)

Handbook for law drafters on hearing the views of children (autumn 2021)

Handbook on child impact assessment for legislators (autumn 2021)

Inclusion of children (autumn and winter 2020, summer 2021)

When preparing the Child Strategy, it is important to take account of the views of children and young people. Ensuring the inclusion of children and young people imposes obligations on adults, and for this reason, the grounds for and realisation of inclusion will be examined during the strategy work. A survey was conducted in autumn 2020 to explore the views of children, young people, adults and professionals.

Effects of the coronavirus epidemic (summer and autumn 2020)

The coronavirus epidemic and the measures taken to mitigate it have affected the rights and status of children in many ways in Finland. Because of this, a working group was appointed for the period 25 May 2020 to 31 October 2020 to examine these effects and propose different kinds of measures to reduce the adverse effects of the epidemic.

Legal groundwork (spring 2020)

The Child Strategy is heavily based on the obligations of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other fundamental and human rights obligations. A publication that came out in spring 2020 lists these fundamental and human rights obligations and the related international recommendations.

Child’s Time – Towards a National Strategy for Children 2040 (2019)

The groundwork for the Child Strategy began in 2018 with the project ‘Child’s Time – Towards a National Strategy for Children 2040’. The project resulted in the publication of the ‘Child’s Time 2040’ report, which explores different possibilities and scenarios for 2040, and a supporting report prepared by a research group.