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Authorities publish official press releases and online news on Child Strategy. They can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health


An illustrated child reading a book in a wheelchair. The background has colorful surfaces.

The National Child Strategy safeguards the rights of children with disabilities

Children with disabilities have the same rights as all other children, but ensuring that those rights are realised in practice …

Illustrated bumblebee flying in the air. The background has colorful surfaces.

Children have the right to be born without an addiction

The child welfare officers pick up a call from a maternity hospital. A newborn baby is suffering from painful withdrawal …

An illustrated toddler builds a tower with blocks. There are colored shapes in the background.

The implementation of the National Child Strategy demands change 

Finland’s first ever National Child Strategy has been completed and published. And this is where the real work begins. The …

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Come and celebrate Finland’s first National Child Strategy on Wednesday 17 March at 9 o'clock. !

Come and celebrate Finland’s first National Child Strategy on Wednesday 17 March!

Let’s celebrate! Finland has just published its first National Child Strategy. We will mark the occasion on Wednesday 17 March …