Blogs and press releases

Authorities publish official press releases and online news on Child Strategy. They can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health


A boy and a girl using the computer together.

COVID-19 has considerable generational effects

At the end of May 2020, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health appointed a working group to assist in …

A child hangs his hands on a wooden swing while another is watching in the background.

A good Finland for children

The National Child Strategy aims to build a more child-friendly society where every child can grow and develop safely and …

Kuvassa vaaleisiin vaatteisiin puettu lapsi juoksee kävelypolulla. Taustalla erottuu vihreää nurmea ja puu.

Inclusion starts with everyday encounters

How often do we remember to listen to children in everyday life, to take their opinions into account and to …